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Product Specification

High Grade Bauxite Chips
Bauxite is a mixture of Iron and Aluminium Hydroxides/Oxides Al, Fe, O, OH

We are offering you the purest form of High Bauxite. These High Bauxite are raised in authorized manner and our smart engineers ensure a quality check before delivering you the High Bauxite.

Origin Place : Konkan Hills Maharashtra-India

Our Product Analysis Reports:

Aluminium Ore(Al2O3)
Iron Ore (Fe)
Silica Ore (SiO2)
Loss on Drying
Loss on Ignition

High Grade Bauxite Chips
55 - 60 %
2 - 9 %
2- 5 %
@ 105 oC 0.78
@ 950oC 28.29

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